Wedding Vows and Their Meaning

The Celebration Hall in Destin is happy to be a part of one of the biggest days of your life, your wedding day.  As you take your vows with your chosen one it doesn’t hurt to be reminded what those vows mean.

The Bing dictionary has defined a vow as   “a solemn pledge: a solemn promise to perform an act, carry out an activity, or behave in a given way; a religious promise: a solemn promise to join a religious order and live in accordance with its rules to pledge something: to promise something solemnly and seriously.”

Your wedding day is a big deal.

Your marriage is a big deal.  Your vows are a big deal. The Celebration Hall is a big deal.

We have one of the most beautiful facilities available in the country for weddings, receptions and more.  Our grounds are beautifully landscaped which is the perfect venue for an outdoor tent reception complete with lighting for night time dancing.

Our hall is suitable for a non-denominational wedding or a traditional wedding.

Because we think taking a vow is important we want to reflect that in our facility.  A well planned wedding is an investment, an investment in your future marriage.

As you look back after the wedding is over and the years pass by you can be happy to know you have taken steps to solidify your marriage vows and the rest of your life is not just about a decision you made with the flip of a coin.

Enjoy your wedding day and take your vows in peace knowing you are making an investment for your future and the rest of your life.

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