Flowers Are Vital For Any Celebration

Beautify Your Wedding With Flowers

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with choices for your wedding? Between picking your Wedding Attendants, your dress, suits, colors, etc., you are probably wondering if you will ever be finished. It can be overwhelming, at least you have made the best decision to have your wedding at The Celebration Hall. One important detail is to beautify your wedding with flowers!

It may help you narrow down your choices by looking at the flowers that are in season for the month of your wedding.

Although its a little late to choose for April, Tulips are a popular choice for this month. Tulips are representative of new growth in spring. Daffodils are another option for this month.

For the month of May, for example, Peonies are a popular seasonal option. Peonies come in several beautiful colors and in full bloom are an awesome choice. Peonies are a great choice because they have a lovely fragrance with a nice size head and petal count. They are quite the showpiece.

June weddings are the first of the summer months the Calla is an elegant choice with its beautiful long stem and bloom. Having a country themed wedding? Try the Cornflower. Simple but dramatic blue hues of color. Lilium Stargazer is another long stemmed option.

Zinnia’s Are A Colorful Burst Of Petals For The Month Of July

Don’t overlook the Iris which is available in several beautiful colors.

Whatever choice you make the flowers will add a special touch of fragrant beauty to your wedding.

The Celebration Hall is your best choice in the Santa Rosa Beach area for hosting your wedding, reception or other event. Speak with one of our staff about your ideas and let us help you. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well!