Times Are Changing

There aren’t many constants in life.

The only things that remains constant are death, taxes and change. We can count on change occurring in our lives whether we welcome it or not.

Change can affect us in many ways. Whether it’s an unexpected divorce, the death of a loved one, difficult or toxic people that we have to deal with, etc.. All of this can impact the mechanics of our lives.

We realize you may have some awkward situations to deal with when planning your wedding and reception.

Perhaps your parents have divorced and remarried other people which has created a new dynamic for you to think about in planning your celebration. Questions such as where do the new family members sit during the wedding? Who is included in the family photographs? How do you avoid hurting feelings?

The best way to handle these situations is to be proactive instead of reactive. Waiting and just letting these situations “happen” really isn’t the best route to take. Think ahead of time about where you want your parents to sit. Talk to them about how you would like to include everyone but still maintain the sense of family.

1959263_845507452144606_1568783488558697503_nMost importantly, remember that this is YOUR day. This event is about you and your other half making a commitment to each other and expressing your love and dedication to each other. This is not the day for your divorced parents to display their animosity for one another or to replace one of your parents with a new spouse. In the family pictures you are not out of line to have your pictures made with your mother and father only.

Kindness and respect for others can go a long way and can diffuse high emotionally tense situations.

StressedBrideThe Celebration Hall staff is experienced and can assist you with the difficult situations. Feel free to contact us. That’s why we’re here, to help you out!

The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well!

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