Weddings and Family

Somehow it seems that the times in your life that should be the most joyous but can be fraught with stress. Often the very ones you love the most and need the most at weddings are family and yet dealing with the entire family all at once can be very overwhelming.

How can you turn the stress into joy at your wedding?

One sure-fire way to avoid last-minute problems is to plan. If you know your Aunt Liz is allergic to peanuts and cannot be anywhere near them. This is a tidbit of information that might be overlooked when you are throwing things together last-minute.

If you plan for Aunt Liz or other special needs guests you may find the solution is right under your nose.

These issues can be worked through with us at The Celebration Hall if we are given ample notice and if it is within our reasonable ability to accommodate those requests.

Perhaps your cousin Joe has volunteered to take pictures at your wedding for free but you know he is apt to shake the camera or forget to put batteries in.

How do you avoid hurting his feelings and appreciating his offer at the same time? Perhaps you could ask Joe to take pictures of specific items at the wedding, not the group family pictures.

Appreciate his offer and give him a specific task that is not something you must have or will hate him for if it gets messed up!

The Celebration Hall in Destin is ready, willing and able to make your day with your family a joyous occasion.

The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day.

Feel free to give us a call as well!
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