Wedding Traditions

There are so many customs and traditions in weddings

Where did these traditions start?

Something Old, Something New

The saying goes “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” The saying is believed to have originated during the Victorian era.

The something old represents married guests in attendance at the wedding.

Something new represents the newlyweds and the beginning of their new life together.

Something borrowed represents items the bride must give back. Her mother’s wedding dress or her sister’s veil are just to name a couple. Something blue is associated with the virginity and purity of the bride.

The choice of flowers the bride carries.

The type of flowers the bride carries signifies her emotions towards the wedding.

Roses, for instance are said to represent beauty and refinement. Sunflowers are representative of sunshine and pride.

Tulips stand for the declaration of love and the perfect lover!

Violets indicate modesty. While these traditions may not reflect the true feelings of brides to be, history has attached these significant feelings to the types of flowers.

The Wedding Veil

In olden days veils were worn by the bride because people believed they would ward off evil spirits that would ruin the ceremony.

Bridesmaids were chosen to surround the bride and confuse the evil spirits as to who the bride was so they would leave her alone.

The tradition of choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen is continued today but more in the spirit of sharing in the happy day for the couple and celebrating the marriage.

The Rings

The wedding rings, and their circular shape represent endlessness, a never ending marriage.

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