Words to Know for Your Wedding

Get to Know Wedding Terms and What they Mean

Of course when you see a wedding and reception, you know that there is a ceremony being held to unite two people and a party afterwards.

There are, however, other terms you may not be so familiar with that may come up in the planning process.

Here’s a little brief list of some terms you may not be familiar with that will help you with this overwhelming process, note, not in alphabetical order:

  • Ascot – a scarf like necktie worn under the chin, worn with a cutaway
  • Cutaway – a tailcoat worn in formal daytime trousers, worn with striped trousers
  • Four in hand tie – standard necktie worn with a shirt and stroller, also worn daily by working men
  • Stroller – black or gray long suit worn with striped trousers, similar to a cutaway, worn in formal daytime weddings
  • Thermographed invitations – invitations that have the same look as engraved invitations but are significantly less expensive, a special powder is used to produce the raised letter look, most cannot distinguish the difference between engraved and thermographed invitations
  • Shantung – a fabric made of silk that has a nubby texture and a bit rough to the touch
  • Organza – fabric much like chiffon but heavier and stiffer
  • Charmeuse – satin fabric with soft, lightweight and flexible finish
  • Nosegay – a round arrangement/bouquet of flowers usually small in size
  • Hollowware – serving pieces
  • Chuppah – a canopy or arch of flowers a couple stands under during a Jewish ceremony

These are only a few of the many terms you will hear during the wedding planning process.

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