Wedding Planning 101

Do’S and don’ts of Wedding Planning

We here at Celebration Hall have one priority and that is you. We completely understand that planning a wedding is overwhelming. Just relax and breathe. Try having a one on one conversation with your significant other.

You two can write up a list of what you want and what you don’t want and we here at Celebration Hall with ensure that all your wants and needs are fully met and that your wedding is perfectly run.

Ask each other these few simples questions. What feeling do you want to have on your big day? What do you want your guests to feel? What emotions do you and your guests want to take away from the big day?

Those few simple questions can evoke exactly what you want of your magical day and keep your “I do’s” and “I don’ts” straight forward.

Your first “I do” is to call Celebration Hall and let us take over and help you plan every step of the way. We have a team of experts and we love to make you feel relaxed and joyful for the upcoming day.


Embrace your personalities. Add little touches here and there that mean significance to you. Having your own personal touches make the day that much more incredible.  Your guest will appreciate that.

Practice walking in your gorgeous dress and heels. Practice how you want to wear your makeup and hair.  Practice makes perfect and you will be a professional when the camera is flashing.

Attempt to greet all your guests and let them know you appreciate them They will respond to the gesture.  Always send thank you notes.


Don’t spend too much time consumed in your phone.  Enjoy the day with family and friends. This is a day you will always remember for the rest of your life.  Facebook, twitter and instagram can wait.  You’re about to be a beautiful bride!

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you are eating and drinking. You want to keep your energy up for dancing of course.

Don’t feel pressured to stick to traditional customs. Be creative, be yourself. We are here to make your wedding a special and personable experience.

Don’t sweat the little things. If something doesn’t go the exact way you have originally planned don’t freak out. Celebration Hall is here for just that very reason. We will take care of everything to make certain your big day is glorious.

Call us today and make an appointment. We are extremely thrilled to make all your distant possibilities a reality. Celebration Hall offers a gorgeous venue and steps from the beach. You will not be disappointed. Come out and see for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you.

The Best way to reach us is by sending an email, but feel free to call us as well at 850-499-2652.