More About Wedding Cakes

More About Your Cake

The decision about your wedding cake is a big one and you have many options. There is a huge variance in designs and in prices. The Celebration Hall is happy to help you with these choices.

The wedding cake is typically priced by the slice. This could cost anywhere from $1.00-$12.00 or more. What makes the difference in the pricing? The more detailed and intricate the cake is the higher the price will be.

The design of your cake can determine how much time is required to make it. The more detailed designed cake takes more time for the cake designer to prepare, you pay for the time spent making the cake. Keep this in mind as you choose according to your wedding budget.

A fondant frosting is more expensive than a butter cream frosting. One reason is the fondant requires more time to work with, molding shapes and fine tuning details and colors. Butter cream frosting is delicious and simple for the most part so the cost is typically less.

More Cake Ideas

Some couples choose to have a wedding cake for display and similar flavored sheet cakes for serving guests. The wedding cake for display can be used for the cake cutting ceremony and a layer saved for the first anniversary. This can lower costs. If cost is not an issue, the entire cake can be used for serving guests.

Another idea is to use cupcakes for guests. Cupcakes can be elegantly decorated and tiered in a way that can resemble a fancy cake. The ideas are limitless. Be sure to ask your cake designer about this option.

The Celebration Hall staff is more than happy to assist you in your planning. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day. Feel free to give us a call as well!


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