Unique Decorations

With warmer weather coming the desire for beach weddings will increase dramatically.

Beach weddings allow so many unique possibilities for decorating that you might not be able to pull off anywhere else. There are so many clever ideas out there that will have your day standing head and shoulders above all the others.

One of the cuter ideas we’ve seen are Bridal Flip Flops! For a beach wedding these can be absolutely ideal! Going anywhere from casual to elegant you can have the design you want to fit your wedding. Want a nice elegant satin? You can have that! Personalized with your name and wedding colors? That’s an excellent touch that can easily be done, too!

If you want everyone else to get in on the fun you could also buy some inexpensive pairs for the rest of the guests.

We all know that dressing up can be fun, we like looking sharp but a lot of our nicer outfits can definitely feel like it’s more form over function. Especially those shoes! Ouch! Outfitting the rest of the guests with flip flops can even have the unintended side effect of making the reception a little more fun. How might you ask? Aren’t people a little more inclined to get out on the dance floor when they aren’t worrying about their feet hurting?

If you’re not wanting to take the route of the flip flops then you could always try some specialty hair accessories! A fantastic way to accentuate your colors without taking all the attention away from the stunning dresses. Made from lace, flowers, rhinestones, the possibilities are only limited by budget and imagination! A very classy touch indeed!

Beach weddings are a beautiful idea and definitely provide an atmosphere that will make memories last forever. In the event of inclement weather it’s always handy to have a back up plan ready to make sure things still proceed smoothly!

The Celebration Hall can be a fantastic backup plan for you with its beautifully landscaped grounds complete with chapel, dance floor and so much more to make sure you still have the time of your life that you worked so hard to plan. From the ceremony to the reception, Celebration Hall can handle it!

Another fantastic reason to choose The Celebration Hall to help plan your day is that we can offer the most convenient and charming accommodations nearby for your guests. We are part of the Topsail Village which includes the spectacular boutique hotel, 30A Suites.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to live by the beach so a lot of times the beach wedding is a destination wedding. With the bridal party, groom, parents or other guests needing lodging, having a place to stay that’s as beautiful, luxurious and accommodating as 30A Suites can be a major game changer for your stress levels. Not only that but 30A Suites is located right across from The Celebration Hall so you won’t have to worry about anybody staying there getting in a car after one too many at the reception.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us. You can call us at 850-499-2652. The best way to get answers though is by email with most responses coming in about a day!