To Love Or Not To Love

No Pain No Gain?

This famous saying may be true when it comes to beauty, but is it relevant for love? Does love have to hurt to flourish? Do two people have to put each other through hell and back to love one another as long as they both shall live?

At one point in time everyone has had these thoughts. Why does it take so long? Why don’t things work the way we want them to when we want them to? Why can’t everyone find “the one?” And if they do, why is there often so much heartache involved that we don’t or can’t recognize it for what it is and keep it alive?

Perhaps the trouble is due to factors beyond our control; karma, timing, trends in society, location, location, location, or maybe even cruel fate.

Statistically speaking there is about a 60% chance that if you marry your relationship could end in divorce. Why is that?

Are We Expecting Too Much From Each Other?

Are we expecting someone else to make us happy when we should be making ourselves happy? Do we want to share love with someone or do we want what someone can give us to make us happy? Those are serious questions each person should answer for themselves before making a lifetime commitment.

Demanding love from someone does not work. If you are in “need” of the affection of another, to the point you cannot function without them, something more serious mentally could be at hand than love. Much like searching for a job or trying to make a sale, love comes easier when we are not desperate and needy.

We must love ourselves before we can fully love another. We need to be emotionally stable and ready to fully love another when we are ready, not just when we are lonely. Make your dreams come true at The Celebration Hall. We are the place for your wedding, reception, or party!

Love is the Greatest Gift of All

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