More Than Matrimony

“I stand here and promise you my unconditional love. I stand here and promise you my life. I stand here vulnerable to you. In glorious times, I will celebrate with you. In hardship, I will hold you. In uncertain times, I will encourage you. Today we become one. We will work together as we are two wings on a bird. We will fly together, in harmony. I stand here and promise you a marriage as important as the earth and the air we breathe. Full of life and constantly revolving around the sun. I stand here and promise you until death do us part.”

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred time. You become one with your significant other. You vow to protect, love and cherish him/her until your dying day.

Celebration Hall is the perfect place to share that special moment with that special person. Propelled by the amazing inspiring corridors of European Manor homes, this venue offers a genuinely extraordinary and sentimental experience. Celebration Hall inspires the extravagance and romance of a chronicled venue in the heart of Santa Rosa Beach.

Celebration Hall offers easy access to 30-A shoreline resorts, Destin, shopping, and restaurants. Visitors can appreciate all the comforts of a destination wedding. We are additionally just a few minutes from the beach. The ceremony can be held at the beach and the reception at the hall.

Celebration Hall has 3,700 square feet in a climate controlled building. The building is surrounded by beautiful landscaped lighted lawns. We can accommodate as much as 150 people for the reception. You have to see to believe the beauty of the venue.

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Do you have an outside vendor? Do you need a suggestion for a vendor? Do you want to plan your own wedding? Celebration Hall can accommodate all of your needs. If you would like more information and a list of frequently asked questions please visit the FAQ page. 

Come share your special moment with Celebration Hall!

The best way to contact us is through email or you can call us at: (850) 499-2652