Making Keepsakes to Last a Lifetime

Every part of your Wedding has special meaning.

From the beautiful flower bouquets adorned with Baby’s Breath to the centerpieces you have handmade.  There are sentimental keepsakes that you can find a precious way to preserve.

Start with your Wedding Dress.  Layers of beautiful satin and lace, trimmed with delicate features all over.  You could store the dress and save for someone else to wear.  Or, you could have the dress cut down and have a seamstress make Angel Dresses out of.

These precious little baby girl dresses, toddler dresses or other will be a lovely way to preserve your dress and share with others.  Give as gifts for special occasions such as Christenings, Baptisms, holiday wear or otherwise.

Wedding flowers can be preserved by drying in silica gel, pressing in between pages of your Bible, or other means.  They can then be reused in special floral arrangements, jewelry, centerpieces or other great ideas.

You may have leftover candies or other specialty treats.  You can turn these into little gift trinkets for parties, take home souvenirs or other memorabilia.  You can put candies in gift boxes, bags or wrapping.

Leftover food?  How about donating the leftover food to a homeless shelter?  You will not only enjoy sharing you will feed hungry people.  There is great satisfaction in giving and sharing.

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