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Make nature a part of your celebration with an outdoor wedding ceremony on the spectacular beaches of the Emerald Coast, there’s no better way to make your special occasion one that will be rendered for a very long time to come!

In addition to sunshine, fresh air and the beauty of natural surroundings, however, an outdoor wedding venue can present challenges, and that is why you need expert guidance from the best in the area, Celebration Hall, even for something as simple such as how to arrange the chairs for your guests. You have to account for the variations in our terrain, the location of the area’s natural features, such as the sparkling gulf, and even the weather, which in Florida can change at the drop of a hat.

A little advance planning with the aid of the wedding pros at Celebration Hall, the premier events venue on the Emerald Coast specialising in full service beach ceremonies and receptions, can help you make sure your guests have a good view and remain comfortable throughout the ceremony.

What You Need to Know

A chair supply company is a great resource for figuring out the right configuration for seating, and of course, not only do we provide our clients with a list of recommended vendors, across all price points, but our highly trained consultants are a wealth of knowledgeable experience, who can also guide you in your arrangement.

You may need a microphone or PA system if your conducting your ceremony outside, though Celebration Hall has a state of the art sound system inside our venue for our clients convenience. In addition to chairs rentals, we will contact tent rental companies on your behalf.

Weather is never predictable. It’s Florida. It just comes with the territory. But you can plan your big day for the beautiful fall, or winter, months during the dry season, to minimize the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm or soggy weekend. Also, the temperature is much more conducive to outdoor affairs, the humidity is lower, there are no biting bugs and beaches are completely deserted, so you have it all to yourselves.

Nevertheless, should rain bless your wedding day with good fortune, our dedicated staff will move your guests inside to a backup location prepared for such an event.

Step 1: Choose a configuration. You can arrange rows of chairs in a semicircle or fan shape or in straight rows. Allow enough space between chairs and between rows so that guests can move in and out of the seating area comfortably. You can line up chairs one behind the other or stagger each row slightly. This second option may allow your guests a better view of the proceedings if the ground is flat and unterraced.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want a central aisle between rows of chairs, two aisles or no aisle at all. We will give you a rough diagram of our venue so you can use colored stickers to represent the chairs. Move the stickers around until you find a configuration you like that works best with your envisioned beach wedding ceremony.

Step 2: Pay attention to the weather, and rest assured that we will be for you also. We can shelter guests from strong winds by arranging seating in the lee of our building, or grove of trees in our manicured gardens. We can also use an anchored screen or other man-made windbreak, even bring in beautiful hedges or Japanese Bonsai trees, to help break up the gusts.

We can set up chairs in the shade of a tent to keep your guests out of the hot sun during a morning ceremony or mid afternoon, though we always suggest sunset nuptials for the sheer majesty of the unbelievable sight. Check the position of the sun during the time of day when you’ll be holding your ceremony and reception. Don’t force guests to squint into the sun to watch you exchange vows.

Step 3: Take advantage of a spectacular view, we will always avoid facing your guests toward a parking lot or unsightly building. You can also arrange chairs around a feature such as a gazebo or archway.

Step 4: Consider the terrain. We will carefully consider if there trees that will block guests’ view or if there is limited space in a particular area, to avoid event day mishaps. Our friendly staff will make sure that nothing block walkways, gates or doors, so your guests are completely at ease.

Tips & Warnings

We have photographs of our venue from several different locations at different times of day to help you decide how to arrange your seating. Include a few extra chairs to accommodate surprise guests. Remember, the nature of your ceremony will influence the seating configuration.

For more fresh ideas for your wedding, stop in to see the professionals at Celebration Hall, located on a beautiful stretch of Scenic Hwy 30-A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Our guests will delight when they see our vaulted beamed ceilings, oak doors, and massive wrought iron chandeliers which have been scaled to impress. Bringing to mind the luxury and romance of a historical venue, Celebration Hall was inspired by the grand halls of European manor homes.

We can offer a seated capacity around 150 people inside, with many more with the addition of our lighted lawns and patio area. We also have a state of the art sound system and free parking for your guests. Our professional staff at Celebration Hall will help coordinate all your wedding and event needs, from decor, to lightning, to arranging a cake, to catering and so much more.

In fact, to make things easier, we have screened and selected a group of the best area vendors, which includes a varied group offering different styles and price points for every taste.

We are located on scenic route 30-A amidst the beautiful beaches of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Just steps from Celebration Hall is Suites 30-A, the perfect spot to start a honeymoon or take care of all your guests lodging needs.
So let the professionals at Celebration Hall worry about the details and make your big day a hassle free occasion!

The best way to reach us is email, but feel free to call us as well at:850-499-2652.

We are happy to put a courtesy hold on a date for a limited time, to allow time for you to make your travel plans to visit the property before making a commitment, without obligation. You will be given the right of first refusal for that date. When you have decided to book your event, a non refundable deposit of ½ the venue fee will secure your date