Ice, Ice Baby

Amazing and Useful Ways to Use Ice at Your Wedding

Ice sculptures are very popular in celebrations of all kinds as well as winter parties, weddings and receptions. There are many beautiful sculptures that can be made to fit your wedding theme. In addition, there are amazing and useful ways to use ice at your wedding.

Ice centerpieces can be carved into containers that will not only be decorative but can cool bottles of champagne, wine or sodas. Ice centerpieces can be used to hold fresh flowers and keep them fresh longer.

Specially designed ice sculptures are wonderful additions to your buffet table as well. Long ice dragons, penguins, or any rare creature carved out of ice has a duo purpose of keeping food cool and adding the finishing touch to your buffet table.

There Are Even Specially Designed Ice Decorations

There are places you can order your design in. If you are having a company party, for instance, you can have a special design with the name of your company or the date and type of event. If you are giving out awards, those can also be ice carvings.

Believe it or not there is also something very unusual made of ice that can be used for events. Ice luges, jewel like carved ice that is strung together and hung as a curtain made of ice. Very awesome addition to your event.

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