Be Our Guests at the Celebration Hall

Love Makes the World Go Round

Love can be defined as a passionate affection for another person or a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. Love makes the world go round.

Why do we love who we love? Is there more than one type of love? There are studies being done at The University of Louisville by two professors who are trying to find out.

They are finding a type of love called “compassionate love” which is centered around others, not like romantic love which gives with expectation of receiving something in return. Rather compassionate love involves giving what another person needs without concern of getting anything back in return.

Long Term Relationships Have A Type Of “Ebb and Flow”

Long-term relationships switch back and forth between romantic love and compassionate love, according to the professors. After many years together couples may not experience the same love together as they did in the early years but they love each other deeply still.

Research is finding that people who practice compassionate love beyond themselves and further into the world out to others are much happier people overall.

The goal of the study is to help people to understand what it means to love one another. And who doesn’t think this world needs more love? Love makes the world go round.

The Celebration Hall would be honored to have you and your true love as guests to celebrate your love. We have all the space you need for your special occasion whether it be inside or out!

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