Fun Ideas For Your Day

The big day. The big moment.

Your wedding is your day. Your expression of love and your celebration. The difficult choice of where to have your wedding has been made. The Celebration Hall is ready to help you with all of the details of the big day. Here are some fun ideas for your wedding!

Personalized handkerchiefs – Before the wedding customize fabric handkerchiefs with messages for your family members and friends for special memorabilia they will treasure. Be sure to put both the bride and groom’s name and the date of the wedding on the hankie.

Bride and groom comes to Celebration Hall instead of eloping!Crazy pictures – Do something out of the ordinary and create a moment in front of the camera. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and the creativity and can make for a truly memorable keepsake.

Sparklers – Give out sparklers as wedding favors. Have your photographer take a special photo of everyone holding their sparklers as you walk down the aisle together, have your first dance, etc.

Kids Table – Designate a table for the kids. Purchase a small chalkboard and write “KIDS TABLE” on it. Tie together a bundle of crayons, set out coloring books, small toys, etc., to keep kids busy while the adults are partying at the reception.

Rustic touches – Paint Mason jars, tie a piece of rope around the top of the jar, use for flowers such as daisies, daffodils, etc

Personalized rocks – Give your guests flat rocks and a sharpie instead of the usual guest list registry. It’s a novel way for them to write their well wishes, advice, tips, etc.. You can get creative and make something from all the rocks later. Great way to preserve the memories

Make an entrance – When you make your way to the reception as husband and wife, do something besides the usual arm-in-arm stroll. Add some flair and make a big impression. It breaks the ice and sets a fun vibe for the evening

Enjoy your day of celebration at The Celebration Hall.

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