DIY Wedding Trends & Tips

Do you want to add some sweet personal touches? Let us help you.

Nothing can be as romantic and sentimental as adding some personal touches and DIY trends to your wedding day.  Celebration Hall has a European style venue as well as the beach scene.  Either way you decide to add some personal flavor we are here to help and want to make sure your big special day is absolutely perfect.

There are plenty of trends and tricks to adding your personality to your wedding day.  We are exposing some of our favorite trends that are the most popular.  You also have to take into consideration that if you’re going to do any DIY projects to be fully prepared because you want it to turn out gorgeous and not cheap.

We are here to help guide you and offer any assistance.  Celebration Hall has a tremendous amount of experience and we have a full staff available to plan your big day for you.  We sleep, eat and breathe weddings and that’s exactly what we love to do.

Trend # 1

Easy Seashell Boutonniere

If you are planning on having your nuptials on the beach then this would make an adorable and perfect addition to your wedding.  Not to mention, it’s easy and cost efficient and you can’t mess this up!  It adds a little touch of the ocean to your wedding party and it will look stunning.

Trend # 2

“Will you be my bridesmaid box?”

Once you decide you want to ask to be in your wedding party it would be a very sweet and caring gesture to ask them in a creative gesture.  This trend is cost efficient and you can do this from you home and mail them off and surprise all your bridesmaids to be.

They will appreciate the invitation.  Showing how much you care about them will mean a lot.  Sit down and let your imagination get to work on some ideas to ask them.

Trend # 3

DIY Hot Chocolate Favor

If you’re planning your day to be in the colder months of the year, this will make a very awesome wedding favor.  Plus it will look amazing sitting out if you tie a little ribbon around the jar from the color theme of your wedding.

This is an easy and cost efficient way to say thank you for coming. Your guests will appreciate the sweet gestures.  Edible gifts are a huge trend in the wedding world right now also.

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