Boomer Brides Like Weddings Too!

It appears that indeed “sixty is the new forty” and this is proving to be true in trends for weddings as in every other aspect of life.

Traditions and rules are not necessarily holding true and being rigidly followed as in times past. Older brides are choosing the same big wedding day event as the younger brides.

It hasn’t been too long ago that brides over the age of 55 were looked down upon. Especially if they had been married before and wore a white bridal gown, that was considered in bad taste.

Times have certainly changed and nowadays a high percentage of women getting married are over age 55.

There are good reasons many want the big wedding day. Some never had a wedding, some never married, others just wanted to celebrate finally finding “the one.”

More and more people are delaying marriage and some are not getting married until their Golden Years.

What has this done to the wedding industry? Retailers are finding that the older brides are spending more money than the 20 and 30 something year olds.

The older bride and grooms are further along in their career paths and generally are more financially able.

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