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Let Us Host Your Engagement Party!

Reflect on your relationship, love and what the future holds! Celebration Hall isn’t just for weddings now. Let us plan, host and throw you an amazing engagement party. This celebration is for the spouses-to-be. It allows the couple to remember all the exciting, silly and loving moments of dating and look forward to the big beautiful wedding day.  

Being engaged is a special time for all couples.

You create memories and a stronger bond with each other with the anticipation of your one-of-a-kind wedding. Let Celebration Hall plan and share some of these unforgettable moments with you. An engagement gathering is typically held four months after the big question is popped and no less than six months prior to the knot typing. 

That said, you’ll likely need to give the couple at any rate a month to draw together the guest list for the wedding (since the engagement party visitor rundown will be focused around that).  

What type of theme should your party have?

It’s your choice — an engagement gathering can be anything from an extravagant mixed drink soiree to a laid-back patio grill. Be that as it may, in case you’re facilitating a gathering that the spouse and groom’s guardians will be going too, consider what sort of occasion will make both families most agreeable, since the engagement gathering is generally viewed as a chance to let the bride and grooms families get to know one another better.  

What’s the main event at an engagement party?

Toasts with the most of course! Custom toasts that the father of the spouse goes in the first place, then the man of the hour, and afterward whoever else needs to say a couple of celebratory words. Let this be a relaxing and fun time during your engagement.  

What type of food and drinks should I serve?

It’s never a wrong time to serve cake, right? You can serve appetizers, wine, beer and maybe have some delicious sandwiches, depends on if you want it more upscale or casual.

Contact Celebration Hall today and let us plan and host an amazing engagement party for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Email is the best way to reach us —