Love And Marriage

“Where there is love there is life” – Mahatma Gandhi

What is life without love?  Here you are on the verge of your biggest decision ever (that’s if this is your first marriage) making the choice to blend your life with the one you love.

How did you know this was the person you wanted to marry?  How did you make the choice?

How can you ever be sure?  Are there “signs” that lead you to choose “the one?”

While any “signs” could be misleading and not to be construed as 100% foolproof there are indicators worth considering.

One big indicator to consider is the person accepts you just as you are and do the same towards them.  For possibly the first time ever you aren’t looking at your relationship for what potential this person has in the future.  You accept them for who they are and you like them as they are, love them for the person they are not the person you wish they were.

It is important is that you manage conflict and differences well.  fight fair.  You don’t stay mad at each other for long periods of time. Disagreements are going to happen, how you handle those disagreements and resolve them is what matters.

Considering the simple things as now interesting as long as you share them with each other.  Perhaps you hated bowling before meeting your significant other but now you have learned to really enjoy the game because you are with your love and that makes it more fun and interesting.  In fact you don’t have to be doing much of anything with this person to have a good time because you simply enjoy one another’s company.

You respect each other and hold similar values.  Others recognize the traits in your significant other not just you.

What led you to choose the one you love?

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