Honeymoon Destination

Celebration Hall wants to share some helpful advice on how to pick the destination that is right for your dream honeymoon.

It has often been said that a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While this is a great time to go all out it is important to stay grounded and pick a destination that fits your time frame, budget, style and of course, tastes.

We’re not saying don’t dream big! This is your honeymoon we’re talking about! We’re just saying keep it realistic.

First decision! Where? Both you and your spouse would be wise to remember that this will be the first adventure of your new united life, so if your top destinations don’t initially match up, now would be a great time to remember that this will be a time for both of you. Team up and discuss what you’d like to do and see if there’s a suitable compromise. Don’t forget, you’re in the planning stage so keep it lighthearted. If there isn’t a suitable compromise, just remind him of the old saying “Happy wife, happy life”!

How long can you be gone? Huge deciding factor here. If you have a week or more then traveling another country could be an absolutely fabulous idea! However due to obligations such as work or kids you might only be able to sneak away for a weekend. In that case, somewhere closer would be more beneficial. You’d have less travel time and more bonding time.

What’s the budget? Another factor that has a huge impact on where to honeymoon is how much you have set aside for it. Maybe consider setting up a honeymoon registry. As you’re budgeting don’t forget to take things into consideration such as airfare, meals, lodging, entertainment, car rental and gas (if needed) as well as a little bit of mad money for those spur of the moment ideas.

10448256_845507225477962_1056725142616340046_nThe most important thing you should remember when thinking of your honeymoon is that the possibilities are endless and with a little thinking outside of the box you can create an unforgettable honeymoon. You want the best time possible but that has more to do with who you’re with than where you’re going.

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Once you see how beautiful this area is and how incredible the beaches are, maybe you’ll already know where to take your honeymoon! We also have the most charming boutique hotel next to us in 30A Suites so we can really make sure that your wedding goes perfectly, from start to finish!

Congratulations on your big day! If you need our help, we’re more than willing to accommodate!

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