Ethics and Traditions

Events are “Our Thing”

Weddings and receptions, parties and celebrations, dinners and banquets are what we do at The Celebration Hall. We do them well. We maintain high standards in quality and professionalism. Our ethical standards are high and we have an excellent reputation in our community. What about your part in ethics and traditions for these events?

How do ethics and traditions play a part in event planning? What is your responsibility as the Bride or Groom, or the coordinator of the event or the attendee?

As the vendor, we have an obligation to present a quality product and service with dependability and excellence in service.

In exchange, the customer has an obligation to timely provide payment as agreed and abide by terms and conditions and a high standard of ethical conduct. How can you do that you may ask.

Follow These Guidelines

Pay promptly and make sure you have enough funds to cover expenses. Make sure to appreciate the elegant surroundings and take care of the property when using the grounds, facility and rental dishes, glasses, equipment, etc.

Be responsible in conduct at your Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, Reception or other event. You set the tone for the event in a sense by how you conduct yourself. If you carry on in a destructive, abusive, loud or careless manner your guests may assume that is the acceptable standard. Remind yourself and your guests to have a great time but to really enjoy the elegant surroundings and have a classy event to conduct yourselves accordingly.

Who you invite to your wedding, or other celebration what choices you make and what traditions you want in your event is up to you. We are wide open to ideas and respect your wishes within our guidelines.

Call us today and discuss your plans and ideas with one of our professionals. We will help you in planning to make your event a fabulous success. The best way to reach us is via email, with most questions responded to in about a day.

Feel free to give us a call as well!


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