Cotillions at Celebration Hall

The Cotillion Originated in France in the 18th Century

The cotillion was created as a social dance to introduce young women to society.

The traditional Cotillion, sometimes, has transitioned into a Debutante ball that presents young women to polite society. Classes in etiquette, charm and manners are taught in preparation for their introduction into society.

A Cotillion can be a fun occasion with a true southern flair. A modern-day Cotillion Debutante ball can be a charity event with the parents of the debutante contributing a certain sum of money to the event and tickets being sold for attendance.

These events are usually formal. They can be thrown for teenage girls 16-19 or a junior event for ages 15-16.

The girls are formally introduced one by one to the audience and walked around the stage by her father who formally presents her. It is customary for debutantes to curtsy when introduced. After the father presents her she typically will have a male escort.

Although there are traditional Cotillion parties, there are new ideas for theme parties as well.

A movie theme using a classic such as “Gone With the Wind” or “My Fair Lady” is a fun idea. Attendees dress as the stars in the movie and the hall is decorated in the style of the period the movie was filmed in.

Fundraiser events are another great way to throw a Cotillion. Corporate sponsors or non-profit sponsors can sponsor the party. Tickets can be sold to raise funds for causes such as cancer, for example.

The Celebration Hall is the perfect venue for hosting your special Cotillion.

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